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BT Shalom

Superio Slim Silicone Broom with 180 Degree Swivel Head 1pc

Superio Slim Silicone Broom with 180 Degree Swivel Head 1pc

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The new 100% silicone lightweight broom has an aluminum rust-free handle that can adjust from 30" to 60" for comfort. Great to use for human and pet hair in your home or salon. Use it on your carpet or deck for outdoors. Get the kitchen and bedrooms clean indoors. Do not worry about cleaning the broom. Easily Clean the broom with warm water and let it dry. Get it today! Get to know the definition of a silicone broom!

What is silicone?

Silicone looks and works like rubber but is much better than unnatural rubber or plastic. Silicone is allergy-friendly, non-toxic, BPA-free, BPS-free, latex-free, and free of other harmful chemicals used in rubber. The silicone material will last longer, stay flexible or rigid, and withstand extreme temperatures or humidity.

Get the handle you like:

  • 35"-60" Telescopic Handel - The telescopic handle can adjust from 35" to 60" according to your needs. To extend: Turn the middle part of the handle counterclockwise, extend the pole, and tighten by turning clockwise.
  • 48" 3-Part Handel - The 3-part handle comes in a pack of three poles that must be connected to start. Connecting all the poles is easy. Just follow the thread and connect them. There is one way of connecting the handle, so do not worry. If all the poles are attached, you are good to go!
  • 54" 1 Piece Handle - The 54" handle is a regular 1-piece handle. Slightly attach the head to the handle and get the magic done!
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