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Brewers 150ml Floral Tasting Cup - Ink

Brewers 150ml Floral Tasting Cup - Ink

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  • special manufacturing process to make every piece unique
  • available in black and cobalt ink effects
  • Available in the classic 3 shapes of cups + jug for zen like brewing experience
  • No piece is the same
  • The Jug will fit our classic / flatbed dripper + our dripper stand, as well as drippers from other brands.
  • Use & Care: Porcelain & Glass
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Collection: Brewers
Description: 150ml Floral Tasting Cup
Packaging: Consumer Packaging
Material: Porcelain
Unit: PCS
Product Dimension: L8.0 x W6.0 x H8.0 cm
Capacity: 150ml
Product Weight: 148g
Country of Original: China
Designer: Simon Stevens
Declaration Export Code: 6911101900

  • Comes in all 3 shapes of tasting cups in Floral, Sweet and Nutty, the update collection are made in a special glaze that’s truly artisanal. Inspired by Chinese Caligraphy, we let the glaze flow freely in the bath and glaze is at the perfect moment, result in a wild, unpredictable result. The patterns are all different, but yet, created beautifully by natural movement. Comes in 2 classic colours in Black and Cobalt, this brings new life to this amazing coffee range.


  • The colours are part of the glaze, which we drip droplets of colours on a transparent glaze bath. All colours are then fired at 1300c so that they become part of the ceramics. They are all different because of the nature of glazing, which is uncontrollable how it flows. There is no methods to show you the exact product upon purchase, but we try to pick the best ones aesthetically. If you are precise on what you want, purchase it in a physical location.

  • Simon Stevens is an award winning product designer and a driving force in ceramic design. Simon has worked with some of World's most prestigious ceramic manufacturers and has taught and lectured on the subject throughout the UK. He has headed up Design Teams for lifestyle brands and now continues his design career in the established Simon Stevens Design Studio based in London. Simon's dynamic creativity resulted in his most successful designs being in the permanent collections of the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Frankfurt Museum of Applied Art.
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