Do you think that

this looks boring?

We think so too! So it's our goal to spice up the boring wallets of the people with cool designs and custom images. Every time we pay with a custom card, it sparks a little joy (even while spending money lol).

How we got started

Our story

Everything started with an idea that I got in school. A friend of mine had a special debit card. She customized it with markers, stickers and everything else he liked. And I thought the idea is great - but it could be done much better! So good, that the card still works perfectly and doesn't get stuck in an ATM (which happened to her). So after a bit of research and testing Skropiocovers started....

Cards can be so boring. But when you put a skin on them, they will stand out and everyone will be asking where you got it.

Want to spice things up? Or make someone a special gift?

Here are our collections